The right to exclude is, in itself, a “Gene patenting” is a broad term referring to the “patenting of either a process that involves isolation of DNA (where DNA refers to either DNA or associated materials such as RNA) as well as to a chemical substance related to DNA”. Third Wave's 10-K account for 2005 showed that they spent $8.4 million on research. Patents are important, especially for new companies, which needs substantial investment from outside. In addition, they confuse patenting with owning. human gene patents the moral equivalent of slavery. >k~�+0 Gene patents are important to the biotech industry. A patent is not received on just a gene. Anti gene-patent activists argue that it is easy to develop a molecular finding once a gene's scientific literature is identified. Everyone we talked to at the rally shared compelling stories about why they believe human gene patenting is wrong and why the U.S. Supreme Court has to correct this wrong. The most urgent ethical issue is how patenting affects humans, if human genes can be patented and how the ownership of a gene would affect a person who has that gene. However, the financial documents reveal something different. I think the political mood of the country is so against instituting the kinds of needed programs that it's likely that a large number of people will be hur… ���5��4�P�v�����v9�n�����=�w�����2���2�b�hf�A��F�|��M,4ޒ�jx�d�5NV*t�tEǩ�!�����щ�.��Jݪy,�De�$!z�y��%P�� 146 0 obj <> endobj A patent is received on a gene, gene sequence, or gene fragment based inventions. �� J ��&���e2(�L�ıϟ��c��e@��%����O�����LRp8YQ�('(ߴ�}�o&S>��?9�7�{��WL�| �g�Mx*�7��'�q7u�\&����Cm�R���/�Z�É�OB�)i�tU. h�bbd``b`�! hޜVKo1��ȱE�4�%��@����[�a�씢Ң>����q2��݂��i'�?~�>kq�y;n.�Q-�i�d ��1H"x#mTV�?6J��7��ׯM�������6��tɱ�*����ҳ�������$�w�v|�oY;�B*������VB��I���^5;\x2Q�P��2\�z�H� �������^�D�uc�8ҩrF����N���oU~�@�i�/��Fk��%0 �:����r��{��x@���*I��>޲�@m4�f�3M\��ˀ� �Դ�YX���� IpL(L�˟XLe�!e�2� �.\vD��[S���!�F�Q8�2BSD��� ~K)#`.�k��R�{����6�'0�!GѨ�a��U��S�3�K�8�Y��*���� Pros: * Gives companies that patent genes time to look at the genes without competition. endstream endobj startxref This is especially important for smaller companies that may not have the financial support to compete with larger, more established companies. Gene patenting has been facing backlash for decades now and with such hostility towards patents, the professional interests of academics and inventors are under threat of losing their rights over the work they have done. With constant biological changes, new diseases are appearing and the researchers are digging deeper to find newer cures. h�b```f``2 �)� ��� |>1A�y������������M�y��� �d�H_�5e{��pp��)�w��(N������`}����R����������r������aBSQ�0!K0�2Mo�s�,�@��a�D�D�izGGGcG��f�@�Hw0(�� �A��� µ�h`��h`� � ��2��h�H&� � �3�� iN ��$10h1OfT`�d�g`_v��!_��0X.���#N@���,3�!|F� ��~+ 0 The cost of development of biophamaceuticals is above $1.2 billion. These companies do not have to worry that other companies are competing with them to make new discoveries. The reason why religious people believe gene patenting to be so offending is because gene patenting is breaking what already exists in the natural world from a human ingenuity creation. Inventions need huge investments and time. �$�sz^odDsjV�����!Yw���}�/�N�8t������s������;�L��6�ֻ�0�iXK�H��V]�}�����w�/�;�����������������I. However, as noble as it sounds, not all progress is free and … endstream endobj 152 0 obj <>stream 0 @+�� @�׫��������O -@A���1:�o�D }� R��IJDN�Q��Q�1�Eb!֑�D�a�E{zp?�n��B���*Lr�$����K���7��&A2wȐ$��1�x�Vo3���O��7F��!�'g�w��_K�7����uW��Ӫ�����eZ��vd���`"�|I�f����}Gߟ��7 ����\z��>Ͽ+O�Gm\���|��=�C��_ ���� Moreover, critics claim, the difficulty with the main moral objections to human gene patents is not simply that they confuse legally patentable genes with naturally occurring genes.


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