Father's rights with a child born out of wedlock. I currently reside in California. However, California family law issues also cover topics such as child custody, child support, alimony, and father’s rights in California, just to name a few. My children currently live with their father and stepmother in Missouri. A father's rights with a child born out of wedlock is therefore the same as a father's rights with a child born within a marriage. To establish paternity means to establish who a child’s legal father is. Paternity Tests in California. In addition, many men in California have false ideas about the law and how it applies to fathers. To learn more about child custody, check out our guide on California child custody laws. Many fathers worry about their rights when it comes to their children as they face divorce. If you are a father, or a presumed father (one that is assumed to be a child’s father, but it has yet to be legally established), your rights to your child at this point in time depend on whether you were ever married to the child’s mother, and if not, whether you voluntarily acknowledged paternity. Their father is out of town for work a lot and I am wondering if there's any way to give their stepmother parental rights without giving up my own rights. Normally, these topics carry with them great stress, anxiety and fear because California’s laws are difficult to understand. Many believe the law is biased towards mothers and that fathers will have a hard time getting custody of their children. The child’s legal father is responsible for financially supporting his child, and he has the right to seek custody and visitation of his child.


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