Clear out Odessa's inventory, before she leaves the party forever or her items will be lost. I'm thinking about playing Suikoden 2 again. You need to take all the other blacksmiths with you at castle lv 4, and there are few chances with at least four free party slots. Chapter 1 – Free Day Evening Hidden Quest: Kirche’s Café and Inn – Fred Chapter 1 – Field Study Day 1 Recipe: Sweet Cookie - Weathercock Inn - Margot Chapter 1 – Field Study Day 1 The only one I know about is the squirrel that if you don't get early is a pain in the ass to get later. Chapter 1 – Free Day Red Moon Rose Vol 1: Keyne’s Bookstore – Keynes This is the only book found in Trista until the final chapter of the game. On Floor 63 you have a chance of grabbing some coupons. Genshu: will be in Coronet but you need to have a level 4 castle and someone with a level 14 weapon in your party. Gilbert: you’ll get in a battle buying time defending Muse, Gilbert’s battle unit needs to get damaged by you for him to join you. For context, the only Suikoden I ever played all the way through was Suikoden V. I loved it! 0. Don't go near the entrance, turn around and leave. Brief Introduction. I'd recommend you be on level 40 or so before attempting. Essentially you have to get to the last city (the one in Highlands, forget it's name) by like... hour 20 i think? Close. Notice that you have to recruit all characters before the last major battle, in order to get the 108 stars bonus. I don't remember what time, but basically every time you go to Muse (unless somebody else comes in to clarify) make sure you go to the north east end of town and run down through the overpasses. I hate that we have to be nice to that shitheel Jess to get the best ending. Missables in Suikoden 2. I'm posting this because none of the other guides linked from these forums and/or found via Google accurately lists all of the actual missable characters in Suikoden II. Helmut ===== Helmut appears within the story of the game. After your first encounter with him at the Northern Checkpoint. 3.1 Chris Level 99 trick; 4 Suikoden IV. To get the items you must open the first door on the top and the third door from the right, go into the first room and grab Coupon A. I'm thinking about playing Suikoden 2 again. If you manage to catch up to the train but fail to stop it, you'll be able to get Ultima, but you’ll need to buy it instead of being given it to you for free, and the Huge Materia will still be lost. 2. to see the last clive scene, Such a piss off though because valeria is so damn cool compared to kasumi, Recruit humphrey and futch the first time you visit Matilda if you want the best ending and the 4th spell of bright shield rune. Suikoden Developer Konami Computer Entertainment Tokyo Publisher Konami System(s) Playstation Additional Systems Saturn, Windows, Playstation Network, Playstation Portable Series Suikoden … THIS IS SPOILER SPACE! Don't execute him a the top of Panna Yakuta Castle. I don't want to use a guide through the whole game, but want to get all SoDs. Edit, when you have to pick between the Swordswoman and Ninja, while you won't MISS anything by picking one or the other, they each make other characters easier to recruit. Knave21 26 Novice; Member; 26 41 posts; Posted April 9, 2019. Then just follow what they tell you. Speak to him in Teien when Tir is Lv. Suikoden Card Stories Chapter 1 Cards List The enemies next plan is _____ _____, I think. Agree on his first offer to join your army when you meet him at the Northern Checkpoint, or he will not re-appear. Clive. Instead, forgive him and he will join., Press J to jump to the feed. The "point of no return" is your chat with Mathiu next to Liukan, right after your return from Shasarazade. * Suikoden Discord NOTE: When I say someone requires a Level 4 Castle, I mean you must have more than 90 recruites (at least; I forget the exact cutoff), and have progressed past the events at the Dragon's Den. Tigerwolf. You have to keep fleeing till Shu ask you a final time. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Subreddit for all things Suikoden. It is in the mining village forgot what it's called. Cookies help us deliver our Services. The only piece of equipment with limited amount: The first one is missble if you didn't get it from Gigantes. That said I’m going to comment again with recruit recommendations. Also Jess after you beat Neclord in Tinto you have dialogue options just make sure your nice lol. Then stay. Mathiu: This is a ploy to stall us. Deliver the Running Water Root to the Dwarf Elder. You have to win the optional duel with Teo. Allow her to join you. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. I always fizzle out along the way. I'm not too concerned. Just choose to recruit him, rather than execute him. Futch and Humphrey: first time you go to Matilda you’ll find highway village. Suikoden 2 checklist: collectibles and missables. 1: One can be found in a treasure on Mt. Fire Sealing and Fire Lizard on Nanami, and I was slapping people left and right.


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