All rights reserved. Thanks to the invention of the magnetic pickup, a player is able to transmit virtually unlimited sound to an audience with a minimum of physical exertion upon the strings themselves. Both have a 1st fret height of .010" when fretting at the second fret...this should be a good starting point. The higher the strings, the more tension they have, and the harder it will be to fret the notes. I don't play most of my guitars in a professional group situation. JavaScript is disabled. For guitar players, the term action can similarly be used to describe the general feel of the instrument when played, but it also has a much more precise definition—the height of the individual strings. There are two main ways that the action on a guitar is typically adjusted. In technical parlance, this is commonly referred to as an instrument’s action. Here, we’ll take a look at some of the considerations you should keep in mind when setting the action on your guitar and how best to go about it. As with almost everything else guitar related, there are significant differences between how the action on electric and acoustic guitars should be set. The fat bass E string should be 1.5 millimeters at the first fret. The lower the strings, the less tension they will have and the easier it will be to fret the notes. These are just rules of thumb, of course. Some nights we have 30 people on the stage at one time. However, I go slightly higher than that and then lower until I am no longer sharp. Today, we’ll be talking all about guitar action—what action is, how to know the right string height for your instrument, and the three ways to adjust the action on your guitar. This gives the player a great deal of control, but it also means that you will have to pay special attention to maintaining the correct radius so that the action is even across each string. So, the fret level and crown cured the funky intonation anomaly I was experiencing on this guitar. In order to measure the height of your guitar’s strings, you should have either a ruler, a feeler gauge, or a specialized string action gauge. It’s not uncommon to wake up one day in the spring or fall and find that your guitar has either too high of action or is buzzing due to lower action. You must log in or register to reply here. The difference between pressing just enough to make contact and pressing down hard or all the way to the board is readily detected visually, tactilely, and by measurement. I'm thinking maybe a good 1st fret action would be .010 on high E and graduating by .002 to .020 on the low E. I would be grateful for any suggestions. Due to the stiffness of strings, the height of the string above the first fret when that string is pressed down between the second and third frets can be varied by how hard the string is depressed. On electric guitars, none of these means of string-height adjustment are beyond the capabilities of a dedicated do-it-yourselfer who possesses just a couple of tools. Ideally, the truss rod should be tight enough so that the neck of the guitar is ever so slightly bowed concavely. Broadly speaking, electric guitars tend to either have a “Fender-style” or a “Gibson-style” bridge/saddle system. Learn how your comment data is processed. These are the adjustment of the truss rod and the bridge saddles. Finding the right action for you and your instrument is the key to getting your guitar or bass sounding, playing, and feeling the way you want. It also balanced the overall intonation effect across the lower frets. I'm struggling to get the first fret height on one of my Von Herndon's where i want it. As we’ll talk about below, string height plays a critical role not just in the feel of the strings but also in the way that the guitar actually sounds. Because of all these factors, electric guitar action can be set far lower than that on acoustic guitars, typically anywhere from .15″ to .05″ lower, on average. However, the string height doesn’t impact the tension as much as you would think; in fact, string gauge has as much to do with tension as anything else.


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