Der Hersteller hat hierfür gleich drei Neuzugänge angekündigt: die McCarty 594, eine Single Cut– und eine Thinline -Version.Es ist das erste Mal, dass ein McCarty-Modell außerhalb der Private Stock und Core Linien angeboten wird. Die S2 Serie wurde kreiert, um klanglich und ästhetisch einen neuen Stil zu bieten, ohne die hauseigene DNA zu verlassen. PRS S2 McCarty 594, S2 McCarty 594 Singlecut & S2 McCarty 594 Thinline review PRS’s trio of S2 594 models were a big hit at this year’s NAMM Show. The McCarty S2 594s were our best guitars of the show on the rationale that they brought PRS's boutique, top-end quality within the reach of more players, exemplifying "PRS strengths in building, with its commitment to delivering those qualities at accessible prices for more players than ever.". Each of the S2 McCarty 594 instruments feature 22-fret mahogany necks with bound rosewood fretboards, as well as a PRS zinc two-piece bridge and vintage-style tuners. Not to say that the McCarty S2 594s were cheap per se. Both maple top versions, double cut and Singlecut, sport a ‘Pattern Vintage’ neck shape. The 594 is fully US built - that includes the Pick-Ups that will be made in the US factory where as the S2 will be assembled in the US with imported PU's - whether that matters to you or not. The Thinline version, meanwhile, has (unsurprisingly) a thinner, one-piece, all-mahogany body and a ‘Pattern Thin’ neck shape. Mit der PRS S2 McCarty 594 Singlecut Faded Blue Smokeburst ergänzt Paul Reed Smith die erfolgreiche S2 Serie um eine traditionell konzipierte Singlecut-E-Gitarre mit authentischem Vintage-Charakter. The McCarty 594 will also have a closer scale length to the 245 as well - its 24.594" (hence the name) compared to the 24.5" you already have or the 25" of the S2. S2 Serie. How do they fare in the flesh? Very well… By Dave Burrluck 26 June 2020


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