I serve it for paratha and masala chapathi too. Serve raita with biryani , pulao or paratha. Add salt and spices and serve with any rice, biryani, pulao etc. Just mix all the ingredients with beaten curd and refrigerate till the time of serving. I even never heard about such raita till I visited Hyderabad. Best Raita Recipes For Side Dish with Biryani/ Pulao 1. Sometimes it looks very thick or too watery with onions separated from curd. Many of you may wonder by seeing a post for onion raita recipe (Vengaya thayir pachadi in Tamil). Add curd and salt to a mixing bowl. Another raita I found the best for biryani was burani raita. Basically Onion raita / Vengaya thayir pachadi is an easy and quick side dish for biryani and pulao. Sprinkle cumin powder on top. Stir gently. Veg Raita. You may add some coriander leaves or mint leaves for extra flavor. 2. Next add chopped cucumbers, onions, cumin powder, coriander leaves and green chilies. I loved pineapple raita too. But it is not to have with biryani. Here I have prepared onion carrot raita in a very simple way. It was also super delicious particularly to have with biryani. Whisk them until smooth with a fork. Raita is a quick recipe served as a side dish with biryani and pulao. We can prepare raita in different varieties with veggies. This is one of the most common raita. This Coriander and Mint Raita recipe is a great cooling side dish for Indian and Pakistani curries and rice recipes such as Biryani and Pulao.It’s a quick and easy side dish to make, and completes any South Asian meal perfectly. Carrot & Cilantro Raita. But yes, making perfect onion raita is also a bit tricky. Feb 8, 2020 - How to make raita. Combine hung curd with our all-time favorite cucumber, tomatoes, onion, green chilies.


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