or Best Offer. Reclaimed Wood Beams. Rough sawn lumber has been edged and trimmed to size, but not surfaced. Sleepers are the beams most typically used for the floor joist in a barn. Read More Less. $34.50 shipping. We are continuously moving our inventory for both small residential and large commercial projects, and supply wood for even the most unique of projects! QTY: 95 m² £120 Per Sq Metre 20382 Salvaged Characterful Oak Wooden Beams . When looking for rustic wood beams for sale, consider rough saw marks from pit sawing, circular sawing or band sawing as an alternative to hand hewn. ROUGH SAWN BARN BEAMS. Hand Carved Vintage Wood Pillar Mexican (6) We highly recommend visiting our shop to view your options in person. Free shipping. Our solid hand-hewn beams, which we specially select for their quality and appearance, can become a thing of beauty for the interior or exterior of your home. We hold a large inventory of hand … Old Cedar Hewn Wood Beam Fireplace Mantle Shelf Display Rustic Decor Barn Fresh. Reclaimed Lumber & Beams Supplying the Appalachian's Reclaimed Wood & Antique Lumber. $194.99. Whether you choose oak beams or another type of wood, you can use them for a rustic fireplace mantel, as wooden ceiling beams, or together with reclaimed wood planks for your deck or patio. We can provide repurposed antique hand hewn or milled beams for fireplace mantels, inside decor, and timber framing in many different species. Salvaged & Reclaimed Wood. $450.00. These reclaimed lumber board and beam specials are a sampling of inventory that is milled and ready for shipping. There are several saw marks ranging from vertical, mill, or circular saw. Our lumber is salvaged and recycled from agricultural, industrial, and large residential buildings throughout the Eastern United States. Our rough-sawn beams feature the original saw marks common in the era of steam-powered and water-powered saw blades. Store: 255 Dublin Pike, Perkasie PA 18944. The pockets can be “plugged” with wood, but many people leave them as-is. Whether for architectural, structural or aesthetic purposes, antique beams & joists reclaimed from historic sturctures offer an unmatched appeal perfect historic or sustainable restorations. Second, decades of drying and seasoning make Reclaimed lumber more stable. These old wooden barn beams were commonly used as support structures in barns and wooden buildings. Reclaimed wood joists are rough-sawn material originally used as supports below floorboards in homes and barns. Beam sizes typically range from a 5″ x 5″ to 10″ x 12″. We offer the finest, structural, architectural and beautiful wood beams and timber available. Reclaimed from old barns they are available in 6x6, 7x7, 8x8, 9x9 10x10 and various other sizes and lengths. But to revive the eloquence of those times is indeed worthwhile.”, Store Hours:  Tue & Wed: 10 AM – 5 PM; Thu – Sat: 8 AM – 5 PM, Yard Hours: Tue & Wed: By Appointment; Thu – Sat: 8 AM – 5 PM. Wooden barns and stables were once the foundations of America's agrarian society, built with care and supported by strong wooden beams. Local Pickup. We've worked hard over the years to cultivate a reputation based on superior products and attentive customer care, and you'll benefit from our commitment. Old Wood Delaware creates and sells flooring, tables, paneling made of reclaimed lumber. Like hewn beams from the upper frame, sawn beams will likely have mortise pockets. In search of reclaimed wood beams for a one-of-a-kind, eye-catching look for your home? All of these timber beams feature authentic cuts, mortises and notches from the early beam-and-post framing technique. Whether it be a 200 year old hand hewn beam, or heavily weathered barn siding, Antique Beams & Boards is a leading provider of quality reclaimed wood products. Rough-sawn barn beams feature a cleaner, more even surface than our hand-hewn beams, though you'll still enjoy the natural checking, weathered grain, saw marks and nail holes that mark their authenticity. Plus, you have the satisfaction of knowing that you’re repurposing wood that might otherwise be lost.


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