For specific information about your own temperature, CONSULT YOUR DOCTOR. Remove the battery when the unit will not be used for three months or more. If unsure, please contact your local OMRON representative to have your unit checked. Seems the graph may be overstating the difference. Electromagnetic interference may result in incorrect operation of the medical device and create a potentially unsafe situation. Conducting self-diagnosis based on the measurement results and/or treatment can be dangerous. Measurement was taken in surface temperature mode. Failure to do so may lead to fluid leakage, heat generation or bursting, resulting in damage to the unit. 11. Move the unit away from the forehead and check the measurement result. Is this the way to interprete the graph? The ” Buzzer ” icon remains lit and the buzzer is deactivated. 3. Medical devices should also not interfere with other devices. The battery may explode. If the three measurements are different, select the highest temperature. 2. Keep this Instruction Manual at hand for future reference. Holding the unit too long in the hand may cause a higher ambient temperature reading of the probe. The thermometer uses infrared technology to measure the temperature of the temporal artery on the forehead. Be sure to read this Instruction Manual thoroughly before use. Knowing One’s Normal Temperature In order to make a correct judgment of suspected fever conditions, it is important to know one’s normal temperature. Do not wipe the probe lens with tissue paper or a paper towel. I had no fever when taking the measurement, but using the graph says I have above normal temp. Measurements were not taken at the same location. The ” Buzzer ” icon flashes on the display. BERRCOM is a 3-in-1 multifunctional thermometer. It is therefore advised to perform measurement in as stable an environment as possible.). Close the battery cover and tighten the screw. • Place the unit on a level surface, in a place that is at room temperature (away from direct sunlight or air conditioning, etc.). It is mainly designed for household use. 5. Do not throw batteries into a fire. Thermometer for Adults Forehead ,Olangda Non Contact Thermometer Adult Thermometer for Adults and Kids,Digital Infrared Thermometer, Kid and Baby Thermometer(Batteries Not Included) ... 5.0 out of 5 stars User friendly and Accurate. 2. Post in the comments! JXB-178 Non-Contact Thermometer Non-contact reading in 1 second from 1.2” – 2” from forehead LCD digital display screen with high temperature alarm Stores previous 32 temperature measurements Temperature can be displayed in either °F or °C Automatic power-off (30 seconds) … Continued In addition, measured body temperatures may vary depending on the thermometer or the body part where you measure (see the graph “Variances in core body temperatures obtained at the forehead and mouth”). 4. Press and hold the ON/MEM button until “OFF” appears on the display to turn off the unit. 2.2 Switching between °C and °F This unit is set in °C as default. -Locations where the unit will be subjected to leaning over, falling, shock, or vibration. Be sure to measure exactly at the forehead, not surrounding areas such as the hairline. The unit has been stored in a cold room. In order to regulate the requirements for EMC (Electro Magnetic Compatibility) with the aim to prevent unsafe product situations, the EN60601-1-2 standard has been implemented. Keep this Instruction Manual at hand for future reference. Intended Use: The OMRON Forehead Thermometer MC-720 offers safe, comfortable and quick temperature measurement from the forehead. 10 minutes provides a temperature measurement more closely representing that of core body temperature. Then the display shown on the far right appears with two beeps. Measurement was taken at a location other than the forehead. • Do not store the unit in the following types of places. 3. The unit is set to forehead measurement mode as default. Crying can increase facial temperature. The main unit is not waterproof. Intended Use: The OMRON Forehead Thermometer MC-720 offers … Sharper Image Easy-To-Read Digital Clock User Manual, Sharper Image Sound Soother White Noise Machine Instructions, Backyard Pro Turkey Fryer Instruction Manual, Masterbuilt Turkey Fryer With Timer Instruction Manual [20020107, 20020109, 20020209, 20020407, 20020507], Sharper Image 3D Neck & Shoulder Massage User Manual, Digital Temple Thermometer KD-2220 Instruction Manual, Fix Google Authenticator Crashing / Not Opening on IOS 14 / 14.2 [fixed], Vics ComfortFlex V965F/V966F Thermometer Instruction Manual. The probe lens has been exposed to direct sunlight. While holding it down, press and hold the ON/MEM button until °F appears on the display with two beeps. 3.1 Taking a Reading Forehead Measurement Mode. After the second measurement, the first measurement is displayed in the top right corner, while the second is displayed in the center. 2.3 Setting the Buzzer The buzzer is activated by default, but can be deactivated. – Allow the probe lens to fully dry for at least 1 minute. If there is any temperature difference between the places where the unit is stored and where you are going to measure, leave the unit in the room where you are going to use it for more than 30 minutes to allow it to reach room temperature first, then measure. Measurement was taken shortly after the subject was outdoors in cold weather. Do not apply the probe lens to the object directly.Surface measurement mode shows the surface result. To manually turn off the unit, you can press and hold the ON/MEM button until “OFF” appears on the display. This mode can help you determine if the object temperature is suitable for a patient or baby (such as baby milk). The unit turns off with the room temperature on the display. 4. It is designed to take the temperature of the body at a distance of 3-5 cm from the forehead.


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