This particular flower makes the most fabulous body oil and you can steep the flowers and leaves in a good quality olive or almond oil for a week before using it to massage your body or add to your bath water. Skin Brightening Oil With Marigold Flowers Ingredients. These flowers grow easily, blossom reliably, and have less insect and disease problems. Dry marigold flowers whole and use petals as needed for a poor man’s saffron. Many gardeners plant a border of marigold flowers around their gardens to help repel rabbits. Strain away the petals with a cloth. Check out the following marigold flower uses, and a few important marigold benefits for gardens. Although they are appreciated primarily for their beauty, you may not have considered the many surprising marigold benefits for gardens. Growing marigold is easy as it contains high levels of carotenoids (Vitamin A-like compounds) it is great as a skin toner. Marigold flowers are found almost everywhere in the world. 7. Leave it in the jar for 15 days. Marigold petals add a strong yellow color to dishes. It is grown as annual or perennial depending on the climatic conditions. Marigolds are highly valuable for medicinal purposes like headaches, swelling, toothache, wounds and many skin problems. 1 glass jar. Use this oil at night. Marigold is a beautiful flower that has many benefits. 2. Almond oil 80ml. Rabbit Repellent. Marigold Uses and Benefits. Read on to learn about ways to use marigold plants in the garden. Make a tea of both the leaves and flowers and use as a face wash for itchy skin or eczema and to treat redness. Jasmine 6. How To Make. Benefits of marigold flower-Uses of Calendula oil:oil or cream of marigold flowers is used in aromatherapy to treat eczema,scars,cracked skin,rashes, inflammation and viral infections In this post, we have gathered together some of our favorite recipes and remedies using this herb for all sorts of Marigold, kind of plant Greece name is Tagetes erecta, is actually a flower that comes from Mexico and Central America.What means by marigold is a flower or a plant that lives along the years, so the one who plant this kind of plant should not be worry whether or not this plant becomes easy to be cared, because this plant couldn’t be involved as a kind of vulnerable plants. Take some marigold petals and clean them in cold water. 1 large marigold flower. Put almond oil in a jar and dip all petals of marigold flower. In addition, they have been used in cooking.


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