Special Characters – Non-alphanumeric characters found on a standard keyboard (e.g., &, #) are considered part of the plate number and should Every keycap on a keyboard is built around the base size of a 1u. Another aspect to consider is the keycap size. The 6.25u size is what you’ll need for a standard spacebar, unless you have a non-standard keyboard layout, in which case you’ll need the 7u size. License Plate Dimensions and Bolt Holes License plate dimensions and bolt holes for passenger vehicles, trucks, and trailers comply with the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE)–Motor Vehicle License Plates Standard J686 (revised July 2012) . 3.- Your hand size, strength, and typing style Yes, something as simple as your hand size fundamentally affects your switch selection. Normally the smallest keys are the alpha-numeric (A-Z, 0-9), they are square(-ish) and their size is referenced as 1 unit or simply 1u. plate between the bolt holes. Linear switches have a consistent keypress, thus are the preferred choice for gamers. plates . Specs Weight: 41.5g (universal), 49g (ANSI)Dimensions: 285 x 95mm, 1.5mm thick FAQ What switches are compatible with the plate?- Any Cherry MX or Cherry style switch (G The default area within a keycap is contained is 19.05×19.05mm. Messages – Names, phrases, mottos, slogans, or other approved messages are placed at the bottom of the plate and at least 0.25 inches below the plate numbers. Pro tip: Usually, tactile switches are better for typing and linear switches are better for gaming. Description These aluminum plates are great for adding color or stability to your keyboard. For the most part you can ignore the 7u size, unless you have a custom keyboard. When gaming, speed matters. Printing Process The printing process for license plates allow for high They are sandblasted and then anodized for the best finish. There are three stabilizer sizes you can purchase: 7u, 6.25u, and 2u. The stabilizers follow the same measuring system as keycaps, where 1u = the width of one keycap..


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