Many ethnic groups want a much different lamb or goat than has been marketed in the past. Sheep for Sale : Cattle for Sale : News : Read about our selection of Katahdin Sheep and contact us for pricing information...Learn More : We have sizable herd of Red Angus Cattle! These represent the highest quality young Katahdin sires anywhere in the northeast. For more info contact: Jim Mansfield All have had bags checked. Exposed to Registered RR Ram as of 2 October. Top genetics from SHU, BAG, SCD and DOC. Additional ewes available. We cull 25% of ewes annually based on performance. Katahdin sheep are low-maintenence and commingle well with cattle, allowing for increased profitablity for ranchers. $225-$300  Ron Hansen – Leonard, ND  (701) 680-8501, 11/3/2020 – For Sale – Central Pennsylvania, 2.5 year old proven, Katahdin registered, RR ram. $150 each. Four Hills Farms – 9401 Troy Pike  Versailles, KY 40383  859-325-5188 4 can be registered, all were twins, whites and colored. Weaned 10 days, on pasture and alfalfa hay. One twin, one single. 5. $150 hd, 200 Replacement ewe lambs, individual maternal history records on each lamb. (678) 446-9213, 11/14/2020 – For Sale – Central Minnesota, April 2020 commercial Katahdin rams. Loysville Pa 17047   717 582-6942, Katahdin Bred Ewe and Ewe Lambs…. (512) 481-7792, 200 Commercial Katahdin mature ewes, some dorper genetics closed flock 7 years, consistent maternal records on each ewe. We also contract with other Katahdin sheep farms for market ready lambs 105-125 lbs, raised to our specifications. All full Katahdin. 1. Long level backs and heavy bone. Except during lambing season (when we keep the ewes separated), the stock are all kept together in 2-3 acre pastures. You can check the prices at New Holland (PA) to determine the approximate value of market lambs. All 4 were born between December 2019 and February 2020. Thanks for looking!! All have been haltered, could be a great project for someone who likes showing. All lambs will be sired by GVF 395. $400 ea. Compared to last week, wooled feeder lambs sold steady. Call 276-780-3101 or email for more information, 11/7/2020 – For Sale – Southeast North Dakota, Complete commercial Katahdin dispersal of a premium closed flock for 6 years of thick framed ewes. Looking for buying Kathadin  semen  from elite rams for our operations. This may or may not be the case in other states. The Katahdin sheep breed was the first in the United States to reach sheep industry standards of carcass quality. Ram lambs can be blood tested for scrapie resistance. Linda Cundiff and Scotty Hedgespeth, Hedgespeth Farms, 1380 White Rose Road, Finley, KY  42718 (10 miles from Campbellsville, KY) phone 270  789-1421; email:, 10/18/2020 – For Sale – Southern Wisconsin. They will also have received ~0.75 gram bolus of copper oxide wire particles. (218) 851-7268, 11/11/2020 – For Sale – Southwest Virginia, 20 commercial yearling Katahdin ewes for sale. Good conformation, pleasant disposition. The registered ones would make great breeding rams and have good conformation, so they are $300. Countryside Katahdins 740-503-7558, Registered, proven, yearling ram for sale. Ewes started lambing April 13th!! We will have 30 proven ewes bred and will be exposing 8-10 of our best ewe lambs. $400.00 each or all four for $1400. In 2020 our flock lambed 185 percent without a roof, 25 percent of flock were replacement ewe lambs last year. The Katahdin sheds its winter coat, so it doesn’t have to be sheared.


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