Stage 1: Complete the Journey and Unlock all Chapter-Specific Trophies Old Man's Journey is a very short, beautiful game. Also, this is not a full walkthrough of the game! Excluding those that require a companion. Simply play the game, and explore as much as you can. As a whole, the trophies in Journey are pretty easy to complete. Journey to the Savage Planet has a total of 43 Achievements and 44 Trophies. This walkthrough is a possible route one could take in Journey, although it's much more beneficial to go along on your own. Full list of all 14 Journey trophies - 11 bronze, 2 silver and 1 gold. The game itself is very simple, with no possibility to die or "lose". In the game you will play as an old man who, after receiving an important letter, decides to embark on a long journey to be with his family again. Walkthrough Step 1: Complete the game (optional, highly suggested) This is the most important step. Use the first run to play for your pleasure while trying to find collectibles. This page contains the Walkthrough for Journey. Aside from the walkthrough, you may want to collect the PS3 Trophies, Ancient Glyphs, or Glowing Symbols. The ambitious project exudes atmosphere and … It’s a relatively short game, but there is a bit of effort needed in some platforming jumps. Welcome to the Macrotis: A Mother’s Journey Trophy Guide! Genres : Adventure Users Interact, Mild Fantasy Violence This is the easiest of the multiplayer rewards to get. Pretend for a few hours that games are made to enjoy. Instead, the game is heavy with Featuring stunning visuals and a Grammy-nominated musical score, Journey™ delivers a breathtaking experience like no other. Just a walkthrough for the puzzles needed for the trophies! Play alone or in the company of a fellow traveler and explore its vast world together. It's worth noting that there is no platinum trophy. Journey Guide Walkthrough Collectibles Trophies Multiplayer; Journey is the third PS3 game from acclaimed indie developer thatgamecompany. Crossing - This Bronze Trophy requires you to complete the final section of the game alongside another player. Thoughts on Trophies It's almost impossible to earn all trophies in one run, some involve heavy luck (like cooperating companions) and good coordination (gates). Bronze Companion: Finish the game with the same partner for the majority of the journey and return to the beginning. An exotic adventure with meditative tone, Journey presents a unique vision of an online adventure experience. In fact, most trophies are easier to do offline. Journey has the following 14 trophies. It takes around 6-8 hours to unlock all of the trophies on PlayStation 4. There are no misable trophies that can't be completed later. Journey has the following 14 trophies. Do not read the trophy guide, heck don't even read the trophy descriptions. Roadmap: Step 1: Beat the game This is all you have to do to get the platinum. ***BUG WARNING*** DO NOT OPEN THE PSN TROPHY SCREEN WHEN WATCHING THE FINAL CUTSCENE/CREDITS. Bronze Companion: Finish the game with the same partner for the majority of the journey and return to the beginning. Purchase the PS4™ or PS3™ digital versions of Journey™ through PS Store and receive the other versions at no additional cost.


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