The sweet ones were just as good. Hi Michelle! Thank you so much for trying this recipe! You’re going to Japan for the first time! As a food blogger myself, it’s really sad to see another food blogger taking credit from another instead of supporting him/her. For those contemplating adding water for steam, do it! I love your menu and the way you make it. Many people have succeeded, and I’m sure you can! i levelled the cake flour the way you recommended as well. . xoxo. Probably I misunderstood your instructions. You need a lot more patience than regular pancakes. As long as it’s warm, it keeps the height like hot air balloon. From how you describe, I think the problem is the meringue. Thanks for trying this recipe! I was too nervous and excited !! However, they had a strong egg-y smell and flavor. Can’t wait to try it and perhaps I will upload some photos later via instagram later. You want to preheat the pan at the lowest heat to help prevent hot spots (meaning some part of the pan is low heat, some part is too hot). Will there be a difference? Hi Syrubi! I’m so glad the silicone mold worked great too! 5) Stack up the batter higher. Hi Benjamin! My partner and I visited Flipper’s pancakes in Tokyo – and were longing for that delicious pancake. As for the French toast, Japanese toast bread plays an important role in texture of French toast. Hi Eppie! Here are all the matcha recipes I have: Enjoy! Hi S! I don’t think it’ll work… but you might have figured it out. On a side note, I tried your recipe today, super tasty! My pancakes taste really eggy? xo, Hi Roudha! I didn’t have cake flour on hand, and am curious to see what the texture would be like, so I’ll try it again! Hi Esra! It’s one of these little details that make your blog so special and still makes me read your recipes (all of them) through the years! Sorry you can’t make it ahead of time, as the batter includes meringue (beaten egg whites) and air will be deflated as time passes by… . But the result disappointed me sincerely, as soon as they were finished an I took the nice looking pancakes out of the pan they shrunk to thin American pancake size, the taste was good but not fluffy at all. Remember it takes as long as 20 minutes! I made these today and they were fantastic!! I’ve been following quite a few recipes for a while and they’re all delicious! It depends on how many sets of frying pan and lid you have as well as the stove. . If possible in the future please upload a Japanese style French toast recipe, it is so yummy! I always prefer whole milk for the best result in taste. Add water in empty spaces and set a timer for 4 to 5 minutes to cook the other side on the lowest heat. Hi Kelvin! Any advice? So I think the first trial is to learn about your pan and heat. Any alternative to whole milk too? Super tasty IF you have the patience and ability to get them just right. This recipe was less sweet which I preferred for breakfast and it was fluffier which I loved. So your choice is to use an electric griddle (with lid) like how those souffle pancake restaurants in Japan make, or use 2-3 frying pans (each one with a lid) and make it at the same time. Water keeps the pancake moist. I’m so happy to hear you enjoyed this recipe and thanks so much for the kind feedback. The pancakes were delicious and so ふわふわ! Can I make this the night before? It should not spread out. I cooked them anyway. . What makes souffle pancakes so pillowy soft and delicious? Hi Rose! Thanks so much for this incredible recipe! Tottemo oishikaththa. xo. Please advice. Any suggestions? Wow, that means so much to me!!! Thank you for sharing it! . Hi Nami, I made this pancakes this morning. We’re used to creating step by step images for the recipes, but we had a point in the past that we almost gave up because it’s a lot of work to shoot steps, edit them, and putting into the recipe….. but we got used to it by now. I hope your daughter will enjoy this recipe! Definitely making these until i get tired of them, thank you so much , Nami for the stellar tips and recipes. You used cake flour and didn’t overmix it right? I mad them for my father, who could not eat, because he got 4 of his frontteeth out. Good luck! I had to practice several times too, so I know how disappointing it was for you. Wishing you best!!! Pour in a tablespoon of water on each of the two empty spots of the pan. Ahah. xo, I like this recipe, but it only makes 3, I thought it would make 2 batches of 3, Hi Caesar! Working one ring mold at a time, grasp with tongs and quickly flip the mold. My suspicion is that my pan wasn’t hot enough to cook them, even at low heat. Thank you for the detailed recipe – photos were great to follow along for a first timer. Thanks so much for trying this recipe! Thanks for sharing your good stuff. It looks so good…. I tried to fix them with more flour, but I couldn’t. . Aww I’m so happy to hear you enjoyed making these pancakes! I’m so happy to hear you and your husband enjoy these pancakes. Hope you have a great trip and enjoy! I added an extra 1/8 tsp vanilla and they were like ice cream. I’ll be happy to help if you can share pictures or describe a bit more. Sift the cake flour and baking powder into the bowl. Thank you for letting me know! I made 8 fluffy pancakes with it. I enjoyed the process of researching different recipes and cooking methods, but I selected your recipe for my inaugural attempt because the great step-by-step instructions and video. Hi Lexy! Your hand and arm may become tired, but you can always hand whisk it… . Best wishes and good luck! This batter makes 3 pancakes to fit in one pan. Thank you for posting, I tried making this at home and the pancakes came out lovely. I found some articles on this topic. Hi Archana! The video also helped a lot. ), next time do exactly same… and every time it’ll work. The key to make lofty pancakes is to add a new pile over the batter on the pan after it starts to form. I’m so glad to hear you enjoyed this recipe! But not sure about keeping them warm in the oven. I love this video!! Souffle pancakes are relying on the right heat control and meringue. xoxo, My daughter has been after my life to make these for her. How did your first try go? . . As a result, the pancakes are super airy, like souffle. , These are so good!! It can be held briefly in a warm oven, but we believe that Pancakes are tasty when served immediately. This is definitely my favourite pancake! I would love these pancakes paired with ice cream and fruit! Hi Destri! I’m so happy you enjoyed the pancakes. Please let me know how I can help you. Hi Maryna! Thank you so much for your kind feedback! More about the cake flour here:, 2) If the whisk attachment is something similar to hand balloon whisk, then sure! Thanks for trying this recipe! Souffle (dessert) or souffle pancake is all about keeping the air in the cake (chemistry). Hi Amy! My favorite is the Baked Tonkastu . If you reduce, please only reduce the small amount. Hope you don’t give up! Thank you for your kind words! So when i mixed them together i got a really watery batter and when i made them they ended up more like crepes? Slightly pull the pancake to create an empty space and gently flip over with “rolling over” motion. I tried 3 times already (I’m very beginner so need more practice) trying to get it perfect before serving to my son when he comes back from boarding school. The step by step an hints about freezing egg whites and slow low heat are right on! I will double the batches next time. I was mostly checking the hashtag in the car while traveling, so I apologize it took me a while to get back to this comment. Keep it chilled until you're ready to serve the pancakes. Just made these delicious bits of yumminess for my daughter’s birthday breakfast. Not sure this has happened to others, but would appreciate any advice on this. Thank you for trying my recipe! Typically gummy texture (after being cooked) is due to developing the flour’s gluten. You mentioned 1/4 cup of cake flour (30-34g) but isn’t 1/4 cup 60g? Will absolutely make again! Would you have any idea how to improve? So happy to hear you enjoyed it! Remember it takes as long as 20 minutes! I’m so happy you enjoy my recipes. Hi Faye! Thank you for trying this recipe and for your kind feedback! I think you nailed it with the meringue too, since yours hold for 10 minutes! Make sure you’re bowl and equipment are dry too. I do recommend the fresh berry topping that you put in, as the acidity cuts down on the almost decadent creamy flavor. I made these today for breakfast, but I had to throw out my wheat flour, because it had some weird insects in it. Hi! You made my day! EDITED TO UPDATE: I've made this recipe again and have addressed the problems in my original review by putting a heaping 1/4 cup of batter into each ring, not 1/2 cup.


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