The knife will fit through the slots and under the wheel cover. It's harder to remove hair from the wheels when wet. First, unplug your chair for safety. Use the tweezers to remove hair that might be caught in the wheel. Walkers are a basic form of mobility aid that provides the user with support in moving. Tried to remove hair with thin scissors - got rid of the most of it, but still a bunch of it left there. Some may even have wheels, but the wheels won't generally rotate. Cleaning Wheels of a Power Chair. I got some hair stuck in the wheels of a computer armchair, which I'm having trouble removing. Now it isn't a problem in office but at home my chairs with wheels have gathered hair and they don't rotate smoothly anymore. This allows you to remove most of the debris preventing the wheel from rolling. Walkers come in many sizes, shapes, and have a wide variety of features. Do it at least once every two months, depending on how clean your office is. Pet hair on furniture is not. [REQUEST] How to remove hair in wheels of office chair? Be careful not to use too much force and create gouges in the plastic wheels, which will prevent them from spinning properly. Tried to completely remove the wheels from the axle - and they won't come off. A compressed can of air or a blow dryer may be helpful in safely and easily removing loose debris. Walkers most often have aluminum frames, are height adjustable, and require you to lift it to move it. Cleaning the wheels of an electric wheelchair is a little more difficult because the wheels usually have deep tread on them, and they are more difficult to reach. I'm a Sikh hence I have uncut long hair. Try to remove the hair first before washing the casters with any kind of fluid; Regular cleaning and maintenance of the casters is the best way to keep them unclogged and free of debris. As designer Kim Myles of "Home Made Simple" knows firsthand, pet hair becomes an inevitable part of the d├ęcor when you have a cat or dog in the house. A little cleaning goes a long way


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