Now, it's finally time to sow them! As a grownup, I learned that this dark green plant is actually a real delicacy (on par with asparagus, in my opinion.) Be careful when you break the outer shell surrounding the seeds. The seeds are scattered on top of the sand, quite close together. I tried sowing new seeds later but without success. Well... it depends! You can help the germination process along by using sandpaper on the outer shell. Step Two – Watch the Seeds Grow I decided to give the project another go after a trip to the west coast in October. Every plant produces thousands of heavy seeds that fall to the ground. I think I will put my sea kale in a secluded spot for this reason. All you need to know about growing sea kale, in this detailed Grow Guide. In spring add a thick mulch of well-rotted manure or garden compost. With the arrival of the winter season many of us are spending more time indoors, so why not brighten up your home and purify the air with a range of wonderful and architecturally interesting indoor plants. Highly-scented, it was launched to a frenzy of interest at the Chelsea Flower Show 2005. I had no reason to doubt that I would be able to grow them. Maybe in a well-fertilized flower bed. The seeds take quite some time to grow, and like I said, all of them won't grow. *Valid on standard one-day tickets only, transaction fee applies. This helped me create a similar environment for them here at home. But the sea kale seeds are large, black and enclosed in a shell. Be inspired by stunning show gardens, and the beautiful floral marquee, plus live talks and more. If needed, thongs can be planted in compost containers in spring, covered in 1inch (2.5cm) of soil, with regular watering to promote indoor growth before planting out in May. However, don’t try this until the second year, as it will weaken the plant. You can grow sea kale from seed. I have been wanting to grow sea kale ever since I started my own kitchen garden. I remember that it was very beautiful, dark green and purple in the middle. I know it's possible to find some perennial kale in UK and other countries. In Sweden it is still quite unusual, hope that will change in a while. Many thanks, Hi there! For best results, grow sea kale in full sun or partial shade in fertile, very well-drained soil. Take cuttings from the side roots. The position needs to be deep enough to accommodate the long tap root of the plant with plenty of space for it to spread out. Plant out young sea kale plants in early spring, into a well-prepared bed that is the final position for these perennial plants as they don’t like … But despite this, the soil underneath the mother plant is surprisingly bare. Many of the seeds are pea-sized. Sea kale, Crambe maritima, is a striking plant that is both ornamental and edible. This is very much an experiment. In gardens, it looks good planted in dry sunny beds or into gravel, with other plants that favour this habitat, such as knifphofia and thrift. Beware, as the leaves have a good aroma of cabbage, but are not edible. They may also be attacked by flea beetles, while slugs and caterpillars love the tender young leaves, so use netting or other barrier methods to protect them. Most of the seeds simply don't germinate at all. I decided to use my grandmother Elise's mortar to break the outer shell. Lucky you! When planting, thongs must have the pointed end downwards. Alternatively, young plants can be grown from root cuttings. The frothy sprays of small, scented white flowers are followed by seed pods. I put the pot on a compost pile outside. Save 30 per cent on Sunday tickets* for BBC Gardeners' World Live 2021. The only difference is that I helped the process along a little, by breaking the outer shell first. Rare and highly sought after, Hyacinth 'Midnight Mystic'® is the first and original black hyacinth. If you want to read and see more from my garden, check out Sara's Kitchen Garden here: Sara's Kitchen Garden at Facebook Facebook group: The Kitchen Garden - Worldwide Sara's Kitchen Garden on YouTube Letter from the garden - newsletter from Sara's Kitchen Garden, I'm excited to see how it goes! Thanks Sara, the update has been helpful. The large leaves are a lovely glaucous green, with wavy edges, and in summer these are crowned with a cloud of tiny white perfumed flowers. But I'm hoping that there is some salt and minerals left in the seaweed I put on top of the seeds. As if they had just fallen down from the mother plant. Hard to grow. I'm so happy that my new book is out! Many of the seeds are pea-sized. I put the seeds quite close together, like I imagine that they would be when they fall off the mother plant. Crambe cordifolia has been given the Royal Horticultural Society’s prestigious Award of Garden Merit (AGM). I have been wanting to grow sea kale ever since I started my own kitchen garden. My trip to my childhood home also gave me a good idea about how the plants grow in the wild. I'm trying a different approach this time though. As the name suggests, sea kale is often found growing wild on the coast. From the team at Gardeners' World Magazine. The seeds remind me of allspice. But the plant would just not grow and it didn't make it through the winter. They germinated well, to my big surprise. Unfortunately, I can't really spray the pot with a salty wave. After several failed attempts at growing sea kale, I had to conclude that the seed viability is very low. The sea kale seeds don't really look like other kale seeds. It might take as long as a year before they peek out from the soil, so you need to be both patient and remember where you put them.


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