From cloudstrife8246 18 Jun 2005, ID #12925. Quick video of the code to the safe inside the Shinra mansion, This is how you get Odin summon and the key to Vincent. 4A000188 0001869F 4A000264 00002EE1 43E70020 00000000 42080030 00000000 4A000320 00010901 40190030 00000000 Your email address will not be published. 40050030 000003E8 5 years ago. 580025A0 00000000 4A000018 00000000 43E70020 00000000 40070020 00000000 41FF0020 00000032 43E70020 00000000 4A000324 000032C9 Final Fantasy 7 Remake Quick Codes custom made by PS4 Save Wizard Max Community modders are not endorsed by Save Wizard. I Love it, it obviously doesnt compare to the original FFVII but it is very good. 4A000008 FFFFFFFF 58001380 00000000 One of my favourite PSP games, just behind MGSPO+. 4A000000 000003E9 58001020 00000000 4A000004 00000000 4A000018 00000001 400C0020 00000000 42001740 00000000 4A000560 00010901 We have more cheats and tips for this game here, Final Fantasy VII cheats. 42080030 00000000 1 of Each Characters Manuscript. 40120020 00000001 40190030 00000000 Nibelheim safe combination. Favorite … 1 Answer. The combination is: Right 36 Left 10 Right 59 Right 97 Don't go past any of these numbers while entering this code. 4A000010 FFFFFFFF Watch Dogs Legion Save Wizard Cheats Now LIVE! The code for the safe is Right 36, Left 10, Right 59, Right 97. 40060020 00000001 40050010 00000001 the1ine. Note: Push the button used to talk to people to select each number. The combination is:Right 36Left 10Right 59Right 97Don't go past any of these numbers while entering this code.Good luck.We have more cheats and tips for this game here, Final Fantasy VII cheats. 58000560 00000000 43E70020 00000000 4A000328 0001869F 58000000 00000560 4A000000 00000900 4A000024 FFFFFFFF 58000000 00000560 4A00000C FFFFFFFF 4A000264 00002EE1 4A000328 0001869F 4A000004 00000008 43E70020 00000000 4A000268 0001869F Final Fantasy 7 Remake Quick Codes! 4A000268 0001869F 4A000008 0001869F Custom Cheat Codes! 58000000 00000680 Source(s): Answer Save. FF7 safe code in Shinra Mansion? 58000000 00000560 the1ine. 400C0020 00000000 These are not usually tested by us (because there are so many), so please use them at your own risk. 40190030 00000000 Lv 5. 41FF0020 00000001, 95000000 00001840 4A000010 5E9CA00E 4A000028 FFFFFFFF 58000D00 00000000 Per page: 15 30 50. FF7 safe code in Shinra Mansion? 400C0020 00000000 Assassins Creed: Valhalla Save Wizard Cheats Now LIVE! The combination to the safe in the old mansion in Nibelheim that contains the key to enter the basement (and get Vincent) is Right 36, Left 10, Right 59, Right 97. FINAL FANTASY VII > General Discussions > Topic Details. 4A000000 00010901 What is the code for the safe in nibelheim mansion ? 42080030 00000000 40060020 00000000 40190030 00000000 4A000004 00002711 5 1 . The trick to the combo is that you go right to 36 the left to 10 then right to 59 then right again to 97... also you must confirm with each number press the action button to enter each number. 40120020 00000000 Spider-Man: Miles Morales Save Wizard Cheats Now LIVE! 42080030 00000000, *Use ‘Set Unlock Flag For All Weapons’ if Weapons are Not Added, 95000000 00000F40 40060020 00000000 Are these boxes always here? 4A000008 0001869F Witcher 3 Wild Hunt: Complete Edition GOD MODE Tutorial [PS4], Save Wizard For PS5? 4A000010 00000000 1 decade ago. 4A000010 FFFFFFFF 40050030 00000001 All our cheats and codes for Final Fantasy VII on PlayStation, More Questions and Answers for Final Fantasy VII. 40120020 00000000 4A000184 00002AF9 40090020 00000001 58001580 00000000 Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. As for Lost Number, the boss that pops out of the safe, he's a tough nut to crack. 58000000 00000560 400C0020 00000001 40050020 00000001, *Maxes Skill Points For All Weapons, You Will Get Vol. 4A000010 5E9E6C63 4A00001C FFFFFFFF 4A000020 FFFFFFFF 42080030 00000000 58000000 00000560 4A000320 00010901 Anonymous. 4A00000C FFFFFFFF 40070020 00000001 All Clouds limit breaks:8009c75a 02db All Tifas limit breaks:8009c862 02db All Barrets limit breaks:8009c7de 02db All Yuffies limit .. Show Code. 4A000018 FFFFFFFF 58000AC0 00000000 4A00001C FFFFFFFF 4A000014 00000000 Relevance. 4A000000 00010901 From Seproith ID #2967. 40060020 00000000 4A00001C 00000000 40070020 00000000 40050010 00000001 When opening the safe, make sure you don't go past any numbers or the combination won't work. Added: Feb 25th 2005. 58003060 00000000 4A000568 0001869F 40090020 00000000 then to the left five steps, up nine steps, left two steps, and up six steps. 40120020 00000001 95000000 00040F54 4A000000 000003E9 © Web Media Network Limited, 1999 - 2020. 40D00020 00000032 I know the number code because I look Gamefaqs, but I don't understand the meaning of the letter that has the hint, can you explain it to me? 43E70020 00000000 Registration allows you to keep track of all your content and comments, save bookmarks, and post in all our forums. 40120020 00000000 4A000188 0001869F 58002040 00000000 40190030 00000000 40070020 00000001 4A000014 FFFFFFFF 4A000324 000032C9 4A000004 FFFFFFFF Or click here to search for specific content. 42080030 00000000 58000000 00000680 All Materia, Weapons,Armor & More! 4A000018 00000001 Or do they only show up when you activate the options to open the safe? Save Wizard For PS4 Max Quick Codes For Final Fantasy 7 Remake! This site is not affiliated in any way with Microsoft, Sony, Sega, Nintendo or any video game publishers.Privacy Policy | Terms of Service. 40050030 00000001 Also, if you go past anyone of the numbers the safe won't open, but have no fear. 58000000 00000680 40050010 00000001 Lv 5. Safe code. 4A000184 00002AF9 Please use the codes at your own discretion! If you could indulge me with this information it would be a great help, Thankyou 400C0020 00000000 40050030 00000001 4A000004 00002711 The only time I used cheats on ff7 was when I owned a ps1 gameshark to get levels faster and that didn't go so well after awhile let me tell you #15 < > Showing 1-15 of 29 comments . © Copyright 2020 All Rights Reserved, XDG Mods, [contact-form-7 id="2701" title="News Letter Form"], Final Fantasy 7 Remake (Save Wizard Quick Codes), Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (Special Edition), Director Mode Male Outfits #1 (FREE DOWNLOAD), Director Mode Male Outfits #2 (FREE DOWNLOAD), Director Mode Male Outfits #3 (FREE DOWNLOAD), Director Mode Female Outfits #4 (FREE DOWNLOAD), Frozen Money Glitch IMPOTENT RAGE Method 1.51, Frozen Money Glitch KILL PATRICIA Method 1.51, Frozen Money Glitch Property Hack #2 1.51, GTA Save Editor/Save Wizard Basic Outfit Tutorial, GTA Save Editor/Save Wizard ‘Bird Skip’ Outfit Tutorial, GTA Save Editor/Save Wizard ‘Bird Skip’ Outfit Tutorial (Add IAA Badge), Merge Racing Gloves To Save Wizard Outfits, Merge Racing Gloves & Paramedic Belt To Save Wizard Outfits, Resident Evil 2: Remake – The Apocalypse Box Files (PS4), The Witcher 3: All Grandmaster Legendary – Standard Edition, The Witcher 3: All Grandmaster Legendary – Complete Edition, Witcher 3: Complete Edition God Mode Save. 4A000018 FFFFFFFF Favorite Answer. re: Code for the safe in Shinra Mansion. 40190030 00000000 Answer Save. 3 0 . 4A000260 00010901 400C0020 00000001 Final Fantasy 7 Safe Code. 40060020 00000000 40070020 00000000 Or how do you work out the code?


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