This is Project Management role. Let us consider a typical large non-manufacturing business today with a complex product portfolio. Software 4. Business process outsourcing 5. Some of these products may have come through acquired businesses. More on this has been explained in a nice DZone post here. Importantly, Architect is a technical role rather than project role. Warranty services 6. While the former is a manager-facilitator of the process, the later represents the client (user) voice. This is because Scrum does not operate on technical level. Required fields are marked *. Various capabilities are required to deliver these products to their respectiv… In larger projects, this work will be divided into distinct areas such as Data Architecture, Security Architecture, Business / Solution / Enterprise Architecture and more, with perhaps several specialists (Data Architect, Solution Architect etc) working hand in hand. His/her role is also to facilitate, oversee and approve the architecture evolution. Such complex product portfolios include software products, BPO services, insurance, warranty services etc. Membership at includes access to our other communities. Business architecture is valuable for leadership to understand the current state of enterprise holistically and develop a blueprint for the way forward. This is not the purpose of incorporating product into the business architecture. I do not share this view. Let me start with a provoking question: Business architects create capability roadmaps and product managers create product roadmaps. There are no products in your shopping cart. For instance, typical DevOps roles tend to be more technically aligned than it is the case with Scrum. If one person shares a number of management roles, such as Product Manager and Project Manager and Team Manager, Team Lead roles, it is more practical to refer to him or her simply as a Manager. It typically encompases some more responsibility than Scrum Product Owner. If product managers are responsible for only few products, it may even make sense to hire product managers to handle rest of the product portfolio as well. Scrum is popular Software Engineering methodology, but not the only one. In smaller projects it is not practical to have too many roles, and this can have various negative effects. The Scrum team is, in principle, self-organized and multi-disciplinary. Product Owner’s activities includes: In essence, the product owner represents the stakeholders and acts as the primary liaison between those and the product team. A product manager may consume the deliverables of business architecture, particularly business capabilities and capability-based roadmaps and similarly, a business architect may leverage a lot of the product managers’ work to understand the business, its markets, products and services, customers, and overall business context. Everyone designs, but not everyone is a … Hardware 3. Rather, product is incorporated into business architecture as a way of providing visibility into the overall performance of business strategies, value delivery, capabilities, initiatives, business unit and third-party relationships, and other aspects of the business. The biggest difference, if you look at some of these examples, is that the product manager … The term Product Owner is mainly used in Scrum context. Product managers are responsible among other things for product vision, market research, competitive analysis, target market, customer requirements and roadmap. If product managers manage all the products of a company, is there a need for business architects and capability roadmaps? One can reasonably expect that some of these products may rely on same business capabilities supported by different set of organization, processes and technology assets. He or she must also hold as the 'business value conscience' to … I would like to hear back from readers regarding thoughts on this topic, please comment below. Hence it is not uncommon that a Product Manager is also an Architect, and again, there is nothing to frown upon if this happens. Figure 1 shows that product mapping is one of the components of Business architecture to give a holistic view of the enterprise. In conclusion, product management and business architecture provide different values for the organization. Thanks for the detailed distinction, Pawel. Your email address will not be published. This information would not be available in traditional product management tools or applications and this is where the real benefits of product mapping within business architecture emerge.”.


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