Put your offering to the test against the competition and share the results with your readers with these kinds of blog post ideas. Talk about the most profound experiences you’ve had and what you’ve learned from them in this blog post idea. If the campaign was a disaster, even better. Use this blog post idea to talk about how data warehousing and processing huge volumes of data have given your industry great new insights. Oh and if you haven’t yet gotten your blog off the ground yet, then head over to my ultimate guide to starting a blog. These blog post ideas have become a very successful staple on my blog—because they breakdown how using specific templates can help make quick work of repetitive projects and tasks on my blog. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. We’ve all had mentors and advocates share some advice, give us a few breaks and show us the ropes. Financial responsibility isn’t something you just pick up one day—you need to learn to be frugal and make sound investments. Talk about the security and transparency Blockchain offers along with the numerous pump-and-dump schemes like BitConnect. This is another self-explanatory blog post idea that expands on your tv-watching experiences. This is still a great blog post idea even if you aren’t a professional photographer. HubSpot’s Blog Topic Generator has you input three different nouns and dishes back five blog topic ideas that will get those creative juices flowing. Politics. The following list of blog post ideas is not just limited only to trendy lifestyle bloggers. Even the most successful people and brands take a misstep or two. Building a reputation for having a massive built-in audience that follows you wherever you go pays off. Video works wonders in this regard. This guide on blogging for moms made simple offers advice just for new mom bloggers. Blogging remains one of the most powerful ways to connect with your audience and drive them to action today—making the blog post ideas you choose to pursue (and spend your limited time & financial resources on), extremely important. This will help a lot of rookies avoid classic traps that many fall into. Research shows that companies who choose to learn how to start a blog and actively produce quality content get 67% more leads than those that don’t publish content & act on their team’s blog post ideas. Use this blog post idea to talk about the qualities in a leader that you consider essential for success in your industry, like confidence, focus, fairness, objectivity and otherwise. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. Trust me, it’d be easy to write a book about this one. Talk about a few of these accessories everyone should own, and it could lead to an entire series of blog post ideas that expand upon the subject of sunglasses in greater depth. Create a similar parody of your industry or cartoon like Every Vowel to share through an ongoing series of blog post ideas that break down her or his life, and you’ll have your readers begging for more. Write about why having a simple, uncluttered and minimalistic wardrobe can save time, remove uncertainty and ensure that you always look good with this blog post idea format. Planning your college career is a daunting task for any young person. Don’t just talk about functionality though, strive to explore speed and ease of use here too. As with the previous topic idea, you can also write about wardrobe recommendations for women. These blog post ideas will keep your readers on their toes. List of Presentation Topic Ideas for Students. This is another of our blog post ideas concerning privacy. Today’s workforce is on the move, but staying productive while traveling can be challenge. Highlight the risks, identify the opportunities, shine a light on the best affiliate programs they should join if they’re a blogger—and alert them to any potential missteps that could sabotage their career prospects. Calling someone out could have some nasty consequences and turn some people away from your brand. Checklists help us ensure critical tasks are accomplished, improve communication, save us time, and allow us to focus on the more difficult parts of a problem. If the campaign was a hit, your readers will be eager to read your case study and replicate your success. That’s why we put together a list of 200 ideas to help you out. Share a checklist of what people in your industry should ask themselves when switching jobs in your field. You could also interview women who’ve worked in the makeup industry so that this blog post idea tackles the topic with a diverse sampling of styles, approaches and levels of expertise. Plus, the worst answers get down-voted and the best are voted up. People love seeing the workspaces of inspirational people—here’s a snapshot of my workspace too. Having an understanding of where an industry has been and where its going can make it easier to figure out your place in it. If there’s anything that brings people of all walks of life together, it’s movies and television. Giving insight into the events that have shaped the cultural landscape of your space makes for rich blog post ideas. With this blog post idea, you should be sincere above all else. You could even pair this approach with one of our other blog post ideas, an interview, to share captivating stories from others in your niche too. Talk about how you’ve explored some corners of reddit and how they’ve helped you out. Well, I’ve been blogging here for nearly 6 years learning how to grow a blog, and I’ve learned a thing or two about how to come up with content ideas that already have proven demand online. This is the best idea I have ever seen. These two opportunities may just make video the best way to drive eyeballs to your website. Another one of my favorite blog post ideas because of how much you can connect with your audience, use this to talk about the temptation our generation has to achieve instant gratification. Good or bad, you and your readers will be able to benefit from your experience through mutually beneficial blog post ideas like this one. You’re my mentor, you really deserve to get a millions of followers to learn from you. Why do you feel that way? From here, you can provide actionable recommendations on everything from how to apply to new jobs, to sprucing up a resume, what it takes to get a promotion and more. White Elephant is a popular gift exchange at most offices across the country. I put in art, creativity, and design. Reach out to influencers in your niche and invite them to share their thoughts and experiences with your audience either in the format of one of these blog post ideas or as a podcast interview. From suggesting healthier choices during lunch hour to suggesting stretches that can be done at their desks, giving your audience helpful tips through your unique blog post ideas can improve their health while at the office is a surefire way to win some new fans. Politics are popular during every election year. But they can also cause more confusion than clarity if you’re not careful. 121 Lifestyle Blog Posts Ideas To Write About In 2020.


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