Jazz music often mixes both major and minor ideas. Quick Change 12 Bar Blues. 12 Bar blues in E. The first package with typical blues … A common variant of the 12 bar blues is to use a quick change. Examples. This variant can be played with or without a turnaround. << Blues Classroom: The most common musical form of blues is the 12-bar blues. For teaching high schoolers to play 12 Bar Blues I’ve found 2 things very helpful: The scene from Back to the Future in which Michael J Fox plays Johnny B Goode, and George Ezra’s song Budapest which is an extended 12 Bar Blues form. The progressions shown above are just examples of the most common 12 bar blues chord progressions. A 12 bar blues structure often consist of only three chords (I, IV and V). In this lesson we are going to learn the standard blues progression, listen to some famous examples of 12 bar blues songs and learn to play some blues on the piano.. 12 Bar Blues … This is the climax of the 12 bar blues sequence that prepares the listener for the return to the tonic (the return home) and a new 12 bars. Muddy Waters in particular is a great example of someone who used 12-bar blues and helped the genre transition from the Deep South to the urban North. Turnarounds and stop time. In the notation below, I notated a repeat sign to indicate the use of a turnaround. To play it, you change measure 2 from a I chord to a IV chord. There are a number of embellishments you can apply during these last two bars to enhance the turnaround function, but we'll cover those in a separate lesson on blues … As the blues moved north, the Chicago sound developed, and with it the 12-bar blues. Thinking about my baby and it makes me oh so sad. 12 bar blues is a chord progression that defines the number of bars or measures in a typical blues song structure. Both are great options for prac when played in a suitable key for beginners. Examples of chords to use and other instructions are presented below. This four-bar figure typically either ends the song or sets up another 12-bar stanza. No Rules. A twelve-bar blues using seventh minor chords is also very popular. Early blues, especially Mississippi and Delta blues, serve as examples of 12-bar blues. The term "12-bar" refers to the number of measures, or musical bars, used to express the theme of a typical blues song. 9-2-3-4, 10-2-3-4, 11-2-3-4, 12-2-3-4. Example 3 – Quick Change Blues in the Key of Bb They serve as a starting point and can be changed and enriched. I think it has a more “funky” feel. 12 Bar blues chords. In a 12-bar blues song, the final four bars are used as a musical resolve to finish off the verse. The most fundamental way to play chords in the style in blues is to adopt a 12 bar structure.


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