DrupalCon Denver highlights - Day 3

Keynote - Luke Wroblewski


Day 3 began with a very dynamic speech by Luke Wroblewski.  He made the point very clearly, just how important development for mobiles is.  Although I didn't attend the (not directly related) session that followed on mobile theming ("Creating Responsive and Mobile-First Drupal Themes"), it is probably is worth checking out:


Views for Developers; An Architectural Overview


For me, this was probably the best presented sesssion of the conference.  It didn't do a deep dive into how to do things in Views, but indicated what could be done with Views, and how to extend it in code.  A copy of the slides can be found at http://tinyurl.com/views3-for-devs.

How to build a scalable platform for today’s publishers


This session didn't really go into the depth that is needed to get full value out of the topics covered.  However, it's probably still worth a look for an explanation of how one site makes use of:

  • the Deploy module
  • Entity List
  • Cache tags

and how these help create a site that can perform well when the number of hits expected is high.

Delivering Drupal


An excellent session, although more from a project manager rather than developer point of view, on how to manage a Drupal project successfully.  Based on experience at http://www.examiner.com, the presenters demonstrated the pros and cons of Waterfall and Agile methodologies, and showed how they developed a methodology appropriate for Drupal 7 sites.


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