Web forms is dead, long live Entity forms

196511 sites use the very well established Webforms module - so it has been a very popular module for some time.  However, in some ways, it is getting a bit long in the tooth now, especially with some of the new features available in Drupal 7, such as Rules integration.  So along comes a new upstart, Entityforms.  This brings the webform functionality into standard use of the Drupal 7 field API, and is based on the well-respected Model Entities example project.

The big advantage is that it automatically exposes the Entity forms (which are themselves entities) to Views, Rules, etc. - so can benefit from all the best new features of Drupal 7.

It's still in it's early days, of course, but seems to work well out of the box.




That's a pretty smug title considering you don't own the Webform project. I would consider this a 'great alternative' but not a replacement by any means.

Different use cases

While EntityForms is very exciting and solves a lot of problems not addressed by Webform, it seems to me that these two modules serve very different use cases.The clear benefit that I see to the Webform module (in certain cases) is the ability to "form-ify" certain content types. Often its really nice to treat surveys as content rather than a content type. My experience is that it's also easier to train end-users on Webform's UI than it is to train on the Fields UI. Training users how to download Webform survey results is also much, much easier than training them to use Views to manage these exports.Again, EntityForms is really great - but I'm doubtful that this will be "the death" of Webform.

Really? Dead? That module has

Really? Dead? That module has a whole ecosystem. Why this was not achieved by submitting entity integration patches to webform? I can't imagine it requiring a full rewrite. Also, acknowledging the hard work of others by calling it dead is also not nice.


Coming from D6 and D6 it made sense to stay away from CCK in order to avoid introducing another dependency but these days Webform's wonky kind of fields just don't make that much sense and are actually kind of annoying.  It would be great to be able to use normal fields, widgets and formatters!

Seems good

Yes.I was trying to access data via webforms in RULES.Fields not showing up direct.Using entityforms is easier, displays the fields directly.My 0,005 cents.Regards,Roberto

Webform is dead now

Webform may not have been dead when this was originally posted, but it certainly is now.  There hasn't been an update in 12 months, which is a shame, as some of the changes they were working on showed promise.  Hopefully entity forms can fill the gap left by webform when the developer stopped maintaining the project.  It is certainly more lightweight than webform and easier to integrate.  Plays more friendly with other modules, and needs less specialist coding to make it work the way you want.  Still needs a little fine tuning, but basic functionality works well without the massive overhead that webform brings.

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